We believe that low product lifecycle costs are just as important as compatibility with legal and environmental factors. With our international service network, we work in accordance with ECM standards and with the standards of the 445/2011/EU regulation, and play a key role in making European rail transport more interoperable and secure. Service partners must fulfil four functions:

  • ECM 1: overall maintenance management
  • ECM 2: maintenance development
  • ECM 3: fleet management
  • ECM 4: maintenance services


Our activities include all maintenance work on diesel locomotives – from small essential repairs to official general inspections in our facility. Whether it involves new, complex systems or adaptations to individual parts and functions, our refurbishment work makes diesel locomotives more powerful, yet also more efficient in terms of fuel consumption, and easier to operate. Older, seasoned vehicles can also be adapted to the latest technical standards.

  • Automatic start/stop
  • Radio remote control
  • Air-conditioning and pre-heating systems
  • Particle filter for further approvals


Our diesel locomotives are durable, particularly due to the regular service, maintenance and refurbishment work we provide. Our services are based on fixed scheduling to ensure that individual parts and components subject to particular stress are replaced regularly, before growing wear leads to increased fuel consumption and greater vulnerability to failure. Our mobile service teams are available around the clock and will be on-site promptly.

The mandatory general inspections are also legally regulated, where the vehicles are thoroughly inspected at our service centre in Moers.

In accordance with our customers’ preferences, we base our services on fixed prices, monthly flat rates or individually combined complete packages.

Spare parts

A defective locomotive brings operations to a halt and incurs costs. Many things can be controlled through regular service and maintenance operations likewise as a well-documented service book for the locomotives. Spare parts are supplied quickly and easily from our central storage facility in Moers.

We have effective complete supply concepts via B2B platforms, where each locomotive version and configuration along with factory refurbishments are presented in detail in an online spare parts catalogue. The depictions show which operations can be carried out individually by the customer at which time, and illustrate the required spare parts as complete sets for this maintenance work with prices and delivery times. The online service also includes standard materials such as filter and sealing sets. The required parts can be ordered directly via an optional SAP interface. Delivery is made in 24 to 36 hours within Germany.