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G 6

The G 6 is the new triple-axle shunting locomotive and Vossloh’s reply to the growing demand for rugged, high-duty triple-axle shunters. Unveiled at InnoTrans 2008, the diesel-hydraulic locomotive has already been awarded the innovation prize.
The first member of the new modular locomotive family from Vossloh is rated at 671 kW and possesses more tractive force and power than any other vehicle in this segment. This compact powerhouse is also remarkable for the following features:

  • Wide-ranging versatility as industrial or shunting locomotive
  • Various option packages
  • High tractive force
  • Ability to negotiate very tight curves
  • Fast speeds of up to 80 km/h
  • Reliability and cost efficiency

Technical data
Wheelset arrangement C
Diesel engine Cummins, MTU, Caterpillar
Diesel engine output max. 690 kW
Weight 60 t to 67.5 t
Starting tractive effort 194 kN* - 219 kN*, max. 250 kN
Max. speed 80 km/h / 100 km/h **
* half worn wheels and µ = 0,33
** hauled
The Vossloh Locomotives GmbH developments are financed by the Programme for the Future–Economy.

For the period 2007 – 2013, the Programme for the Future – Economy – comprises roughly EURO 662.3 m. for economic and regional promotion in Schleswig-Holstein, thereof ca. EURO 374 m. out of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), ca. EURO 208 m. out of the Federal/State Joint Agreement “Improvement of Regional Economic Structures” (GRW) and complementary State Funds of ca. EURO 80.3 m.

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