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G 2000 BB

The most powerful locomotive of the Vossloh Locomotives GmbH is the diesel-hydraulic locomotive series G 2000 BB.
With a power of up to 2700 kW, a maximum speed of 120 km/h (140 km/h), 5 000 liter fuel tank capacity and an operating mass of 84 t to 90 t (depending on the equipment variant) the type G 2000 BB can be put into variable service and offers the operator all the advantages of an innovative locomotive concept.

The type G 2000 BB features a sophisticated modular design, a choice of high-quality components as well as an excellent reliability and availability.

Approved for service (in part cross-border) in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark and Poland.
Technical data
Year of delivery since 2000
Axle arrangement BB
Diesel engine CAT 3516 BHD, MTU 20V 4000 R42
Diesel engine output 2240 - 2700 kW
Weight 84 - 90 t
Starting tractive effort at locomotive weight 87,3 t (µ = 0.33) 283 kN
Max. speed 120 km/h (140 km/h)
Quantity 70
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