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G 1700 BB – Am843

Multi-purpose locomotive with a diesel engine power of 1,500 kW, turbo reversing transmission for heavy shunting and line service, optionally with soot filter and the European safety system ETCS, level 2.
For a service mainly as line locomotive with the ability for shunting services it can be equipped with a diesel engine power of 1,700 kW and a turbo transmission for line service.

Depending on the series and the features of the specific model, the locomotives are also suitable for cross-border operation in up to nine European countries.
Technical data Am 843 G 1700 BB
Start of production since 2002 since 2002
Axle arrangement BB BB
Diesel engine CAT 3512 B -HB or MTU 12V4000 R43/R43L CAT 3512 B -HB or MTU 12V4000 R43/R43L
Diesel engine output 1.500 kW 1.700 kW
Weight 80-90 t 80-90 t
Starting tractive effort at locomotive weight 90 t (µ = 0,33) 291 kN 291 kN
Max. speed 100 km/h 100 km/h
Quantity 109
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