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DE 12/DE 18: Four-axle diesel-electric locomotives for freight haulage

In the form of its DE 12 and DE 18, Vossloh is supplying as from 2012 four-axle diesel-electric locomotives engineered for shunting and mainline duties: the DE 12 with 1,200 kW and the DE 18 with 1,800 kW. The overall weight of these locomotives is variable between 80 and 90 t.
Approval to allow operation on public networks at speeds of up to 120 km/h is being applied for. The diesel-electric traction system of the four-axle models offers a high level of efficiency and has a redundant architecture for largely failsafe operation. Future innovations such as hybrid drive and energy storage systems are also possible on the diesel-electric models for which techniques have been developed for easier drivability and keeping fuel consumption as low as possible. Besides slip protection (VSP), an automatic start-stop eco drive system (VED) and driver assistance (VDA), a track recorder (VTR) has been developed to log and analyze for improved fuel efficiency such parameters as working times and travel speeds.
Technical data DE 12 DE 18
Wheelset arrangement Bo‘Bo‘ Bo‘Bo‘
Maximum speed 120 km/h 120 km/h
Diesel engine power max. 1,200 kW max. 1.800 kW
Diesel engine MTU 8V 4000 R43(L)* MTU 12V 4000 R43(L)*
Power transmission AC/AC wheelset selective control AC/AC wheelset selective control
Diesel engine speed 1,800 min-1 1,800 min-1
Exhaust gas regulation EU/2004/26 stage IIIA/prepared for stage IIIB EU/2004/26 stage IIIA/prepared for stage IIIB
Starting tractive effort 259 kN** - 291 kN**, max. 325 kN 259 kN** - 291 kN**, max. 325 kN
Mass 80 t - 90 t 80 t - 90 t
Fuel capacity 3,000 l - 4,000 l 3,000 l - 4,000 l
Gauge of the track 1,435 (optional 1,520 mm) 1,435 (optional 1,520 mm)
Wheel diameter 1,000 / 920 mm*** 1,000 / 920 mm***
Length over buffers 17,000 mm 17,000 mm
Maximum height 4,310 mm 4,310 mm
Maximum width 3,080 mm 3,080 mm
Inverter IGBT IGBT
Electrodynamic brake power max. 1,440 kW max. 1,440 kW
Smallest radius of curved track on which the vehicle can operate 55 m 55 m
* other makes optional
** half battered wheels and μ = 0,33
*** new / used
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